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Youthpass has been developed in order to provide recognition and certification of non-formal education within the scope of the Erasmus + Youth Program.

Youthpass certificate is given to those who participate in projects carried out in the Erasmus + Youth Program. This certificate is a tool to show what the participants of the projects funded by the Erasmus + Youth Program have done and what they have achieved in the projects. Youthpass certificate defines the skills and competencies acquired by young people in the project they participate and is an important document for their future career.

From 01.01.2007, with the Youthpass certificate, the European Commission ensures that the experience gained with the Youth Program is recognized as an educational experience and a non-formal learning period.

  1. Personal development in non-formal learning

  2. Social recognition of youth work

  3. Youth and youth workers employment

Youthpass allows the participant to self-evaluate their knowledge, skills and behavioral competencies in the project they participate. Allowing the participant to self-evaluate makes youthpass privileged.

Youthpass Certificate Consists of 2 Parts;

  1. The section contains the participant's personal information and information about the project.

  2. The section defines the learning outcomes and competences on youthpass 8 key competences, can be filled if desired, it is not mandatory to fill all sections.


  1. Multilingual proficiency

  2. Personal, social and learning ability

  3. Citizenship qualification

  4. Entrepreneurial competence

  5. Cultural awareness and expression competence

  6. Digital competence

  7. Mathematical proficiency and proficiency in science, technology and engineering

  8. Literacy proficiency

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