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Eurodesk is the European Information Network that provides information on European opportunities for young people in the field of education and youth and youth participation in European activities.

36 Eurodesk European Information Network on 1000 operating countries, our country continues its activities within the National Agency of Turkey since 2008. Turkey has 50 yl 80 Eurodesk Focal Point.

Eurodesk Contact Points together with free question-answering service on European opportunities (by e-mail, fax, telephone, visit), Internet access to European information on funds, Organizing trainings and support services, Organizing conferences, seminars and other events, Printing resource materials It will provide services such as the dissemination of information about the Youth Program, free of charge.

Coordination of different cities in the domestic Eurodesk Turkey organized the participation of young volunteers thematic training is provided by the Eurodesk.

SERGED has applied to become a contact point for Eurodesk.

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