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Throughout our life, we obtain almost all of our needs directly or indirectly from nature. Considering this interaction with nature, it is of great importance to pay attention to sustainability in the protection of the environment and the use of natural resources.

Unfortunately, in our consumption habits, we often cannot show the necessary sensitivity about the environment. In this context, we see that many environmental education programs are put into practice by the states with the support of non-governmental organizations in order to create an environment-centered society. These efforts should increasingly continue in order to leave a livable world to future generations by protecting the environment.

In order to protect the environment in our country, the "ZERO WASTE" project is carried out for the reduction of waste that negatively affects the environment.


The COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic process keeps children away from the school environment and prevents them from continuing their education. In this process, the European Union Think Civil Program implemented the "Things That Bind Us" support program for the different needs of the groups affected by the epidemic.

As the SerGED association, we have decided to prepare a magazine that will contribute to children in the age group of 07-14 to get to know Microplastic Wastes and Caretta Sea Turtles more closely with the support provided within the scope of this program, and to prepare a learning tool that includes fun learning activities for their environmental education needs during the pandemic process.

In our magazine, you will have the opportunity to learn about the endangered sea turtles that use our Mediterranean coasts as spawning grounds and the "MICROPLASTIC WASTES" formed by the breakdown of large plastic wastes that cause their deaths. Thus, we will learn how we endanger the lives of sea creatures, our most important food source, with microplastic waste with our own hands.

For this reason, our magazine supports the education of our children at an early age, providing environmentally friendly behaviors and raising generations that respect the balance of nature and see themselves as a part of nature, not as a ruler.

I wish our magazine to be beneficial to our children and readers, I would like to thank the Environmental Volunteers of our Association who took part in the preparations for the European Union Think Civil Program in the hope of leaving a cleaner, livable and green environment to future generations, and I present my respects on behalf of our Board of Directors.


SerGED Chairman of the Board

“This journal has been prepared with the support of the European Union within the scope of the European Union Sivil Düşün Program.
The responsibility for the content belongs entirely to the Serik Youth Education, Culture, Environment and Sports Association and it does not reflect the views of the EU.

You can download our magazine as PDF. Click on the picture to download.

mikroplastik Atıklar ve Deniz Kaplumbağaları Çevre Eğitimi Dergisi
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