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Today, Yoruks have lost their old traditions to a great extent. Although the number of nomads is around 200, those who have settled down in our district continue their traditions by going to the springs in summer.

Yörükler constitutes the essence of the social, cultural and economic infrastructure in our district. Yörükler who live in the district are in Sorgun and Çayır Plateau in summers; They live in Serik in winter. Migration is important for nomads. In fact, their saying about migration, "If you just want to migrate to Yörük, get in front of you" is an example. Spending the winter in Serik, Yörükler started preparations to migrate to the plateau with Nevruz and played a role in the development of plateau tourism.

1- Karahacılı Tribe: This tribe consists of six districts. Karahacılı tribe, who settled in various parts of Balkız village during their arrival period; It is divided into six neighborhoods with the names Himmetli, Sarıabalı, Hacıhamzalı, Liftcılar, Ali Kâhya, Solaklı. Some of this tribe later settled in the villages of Üründü, Deniztepesi, Balkız, Ayanos, Kızıllar, Kuşlar in scattered and small groups.

2- Honamlı Tribe

The name Honamlı is estimated to come from a region called Hunnam in Central Asia. In addition, the word sheep in Chinese language is called Hun. These Turks, called Koyunlu, were called Hun by the Chinese. The Honamites are not physically similar to other tribes. Honamlı tribe has also spread to different neighborhoods.

3-The Hairy Karali Tribe

This tribe was also named Haytalar. Tribesmen do not like to be called "Hayta". In summer, they migrate to Şarkîkaraağaç. It winters in Tribe, Kocayatak, Solak, Murtana, Gebiz.

4- Karakoyunlu Tribe

The Karakoyunlu tribe is not divided into neighborhoods. Karakoyuns, who live in groups according to their pastures in the winter and plateaus, act under the direction of a mukhtar. They took their name from the Karakoyun herds. Karakoyunlu; They winter in Karaboynuz, Cumalı, Gebiz.

5- Eskiyörük Tribe

Composed of three neighborhoods as Basırlı, Çankara and Şehit Ahmetli, the Eskiyörük tribe first settled in the villages of Boğazak and Çakallık. The most populous neighborhood of the Eskiyörük tribe, which later spread to the surrounding villages, is Basırlı. It is considered the most populous tribe. Basırlı tribe settled in Sulu Tekke, Yanköy and Kocayatak. Other families of the tribe settled in the villages of Cumalı, Eminceler, Taşlık and Burmahancı. They mostly get along with agriculture and animal husbandry.

6- Coyote Tribe

A large part of this tribe was settled in Gebiz region, Ayanos and Birds.


Keskek: Wheat is pounded and its peel is removed. It washes out nicely. It is cooked in large cauldrons over wood fire. It is then whipped beautifully. It is served hot by pouring hot butter over it.

Meatballs: It is made of finely chopped veal or beef meat. Minced meat is mixed with spices and kneaded. It is cooked and served with greens. It is a tradition to eat blarney before meatballs.

Blarney: It is made by boiling the best dried beans of the region. Specially prepared tahini sauce is poured on it. It is definitely served with boiled eggs, tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Millet Soup

Some water is boiled. Some millet (corn) is thrown into it. After the millet is cooked thoroughly, oil is poured on it and eaten.

Milk Slurry

Add some water into the milk and let it boil over the fire. After the milk boils, it is poured into flour, which is crushed with water on a plate. A little salt is sprinkled. When it gets a little dark, it is taken off the stove. It is left to cool. It is eaten after cooling.

Husband Tarhana

The wheat is split in the hand mill. After splitting, the ayran is poured over the wheat and boiled. It is kept until the morning. It is put in the sun to dry in the morning. After it dries, its soup is made and drunk.


It is a juicy meat dish with lots of shallots.

Arab Vaccine

Water is put into the stove. Flour is added. It is made into a slurry. It is cooked spicy without rice in the form of soup and added to the slurry.

Thyme Soup

Split wheat is boiled. Thyme and chickpeas are added. When it is cooked, it is poured into ayran and the oil is cut on it.

Eared Ash

The dough is opened a little thick. The dough is wrapped around the rolling pin. The wrapped dough is cut in half in a line. It is then cut into slices of amulets and thrown into boiling water. After it is removed, it is kept in cold water. It is mixed into the garlic yogurt. Fat is cut on it.


Sports has a special place and importance in Serik, which has been home to traditional wrestling such as Karakucak, oil wrestling, salwar and aba wrestling, and is known as the land of wrestlers. When it comes to sports in Serik, our horse sport wrestling comes to mind. There are many athletes trained in the wrestling branch in our district. The main reason for the interest in wrestling is the training of an Olympic champion wrestler like İsmail OGAN. The main reason for the interest in wrestling is the training of an Olympic champion wrestler like İsmail OGAN. Ismail OGAN from many wrestlers then he has done our district degrees of Turkey Championship is wearing the national jersey.

In addition to mat wrestling, district people are also interested in oil wrestling. Oil wrestling is a traditional Turkish sport. Wrestlers are named this way because they wrestle by rubbing oil on their bodies. It is carried out in areas called Private Square. It is a sport that requires great power and mastery as it is difficult for wrestlers to hold each other due to the fattening of their bodies. In recent years, oil wrestling has been organized in almost every village of our district at weddings and circumcision ceremonies or at the opening of fountains, roads, mosques and schools, and they are followed by a large audience. Today, oil wrestling is organized in our district once or twice a year.

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