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Serik Youth Education, Culture, Environment and Sports Association (SERGED) provides social services by activating trainers with different levels of competence, youth and adult learners, social workers, youth policy makers, experts and volunteers in the realization of civic activities that provide benefits for the European and local communities. It was established as a learning organization that brings together for greater inclusion in life.

At the local level:

• Special attention is paid to hard-to-reach groups to promote equal education and workforce opportunities for all;

• Balanced integration of different ethnic groups is supported through transnational projects and activities that take into account the multilingual character;

• promotes intercultural dialogue, information exchange and European awareness through the active participation of young people;

• Adopt a community-centered approach through the development of initiatives to support personal, social and cultural development, strengthening youth and youth structures, civic education, promoting youth participation, intercultural learning and non-formal education methodologies;

• promotes the recognition of non-formal education and learning by society and the state;

• supports the development of young people through sport;

• Supports young people to learn about different cultures through international mobility;

• Creates opportunities for young people to learn innovative learning methods and use them in their career development;

At the international level:

• Promotes lifelong learning as a means of adapting to continuous changes and promoting personal and professional growth;

• Include young people in international education, science, sports and cultural exchange programs;

• Promotes intercultural dialogue through different initiatives and Programs (Erasmus +, Europe for citizens, Creative Europe, etc);

• Supports initiatives that develop opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning solidarity, community participation and volunteering;

• Implements projects supported by international partnerships and networks to develop skills that directly concern citizens and address their needs for the labor market;

SERGED works in the organization of education and training programs that aim to improve, develop and expand knowledge, skills and competences.

Cooperation :

Our association has active cooperation with non-governmental organizations, public institutions, private sector organizations and local administrations as well as educational institutions operating at national and international level.

SerGED Study Topics:

1. Social work / youth work and inclusion of hard-to-reach groups;

2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

3. Media literacy

4. Youth and Sports

5. Education and Culture

6. Environment

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